Fragglepop is a Duo consisting of singer and songwriter Sarah Cooper and Bass player and songwriter Peter Borföi. Both musicians have been active players in innumerable bands and projects such as Taino, Bartrek, Daddy long legs, The Disco Experience and many more... Sarah Cooper life is a story of extremes. Unfortunately, a chance acquaintance at the young age of 11, she found herself within the clutches of a man almost twice her age who exploited her for money. After faking a friendship by showering her with attention, something that had been distinctly lacking from her life so far, he got her to try drugs and within weeks she was addicted to heroin and as a result, his source of income in the lucrative pedophile sex industry.... More dead than alive, she managed to escape this harrowing situation aged nearly 16 and ever since, she has been battling her addiction as well as the memories of these unfortunate years. Today, after discovering music as a means to overcome trauma and what she calls “my own musical therapy” as well as eventually even having a child whom she raised as a single parent, Sarah is a extremely positive and, perhaps not so surprisingly, reflected and “wise to the ways of a world most can’t even imagine” woman. She still has addiction issues, but her triumphs far outweigh her failures in life and according to her, she owes this extraordinary success to the fact, that she's a musician. "Only life as an artist allows enough freedom to work through such trauma and - even more importantly - to overcome it and move on... in fact, it is on the really bad days that I write my best songs!" (Quote S.C. 1.12.2013)