My weird sleep cycle

Published on 3 March 2023 at 20:27

Like a lot of hyperactive, nervous and overmedicated weirdos, I tend to have a very strange sleep cycle..... if you can call it a cycle at all.... Usually I don’t sleep at all for 3-4 days, except for the occasional catnap (10-30mins), then I will sleep for 10-14 hours straight. I know it’s probably not that healthy but my doctor prescribed me sleeping pills a couple of years ago, so I would sleep regularly every night like a "normal" weirdo and it was awful. I would wake up in the morning to find my flat in total disarray…. it seems like I was not awake (cos I couldn’t remember anything) but I wasn’t sleeping either, but wandering around doing stuff all night….. scary!!! I also found out, even scarier, that I had regularly left my flat and gone for a walk with the dog in this zoned out zombie state…. horrible and dangerous too(!) because I must have seemed totally stoned to anybody I might have met or  passed by on the street 😴… I'm actually pretty amazed noone say this as the perfect opportunity to rob me blind, taking my pride and self esteem along with the rest of my possessions and I wouldn't habe been none the wiser - until I woke up hours later - without so much as a single flicker of a memory of the incident anywhere to be found in my entire brain.... so I gave up sleeping pills in a hurry and… went straight back to my abnormal rhythm… but I can tell you, I prefer this chaos, to waking up to find the contents of my jar of Strawberry Jam spread all over the kitchen table, floor, parts of the wall, stools, fridge aso… and knowing that there was noone to blame but myself.... that was truely scary… like having multiple personalities or something…. but hey, I'm just a weirdo, dude... 😫😫


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